contract is a voluntary written down agreement between two or more people or entities where there is a promise to do something that is beneficial for both ends that is enforceable by law as a binding legal agreement. In some cases a contract can consist of several documents, such as a series of letters, orders, offers and counteroffers.

Exclusive (Non-Exclusive) Authority to Sell (Lease)

Exclusive (Non-Exclusive) Authority to Sell (Lease)

Use this free template – Exclusive (Non-Exclusive) Authority to Sell (Lease). To use this complimentary template, simply fill out the blank spaces with the relevant information, print out the document, and sign below. THIS IS TO AUTHORIZE (Name), of legal age, a resident of (Address), to do and perform any…

Promissory Note Joint or Multiple Makers

PROMISSORY NOTE P_____________ FOR VALUE RECEIVED, I, we, either, or any of us, jointly and severally, promise to pay __Name of Payee__ or Order the principal sum of __________________________ (_____________), Philippine Currency, without need of demand on or before _____________. (OR within a period of _____________ (_____) (days/weeks/months/years), payable in…