Notice of Hearing

Atty. _______________________
Counsel for the _______________
__Counsel’s Address of Record__

Greetings: Please take notice that the foregoing Motion for _____________ shall be submitted for the consideration and approval of the Honorable Court on Friday, __date__, at ________ (a.m./p.m.) or as soon as counsel and matter may be heard.


Notice of Termination of Probationary Employment




Re:”Termination of Probationary Employment”

Dear __Employee__:

As a probationary employee, you were made aware that your continued employment with the company and conversion into regular or permanent status is dependent not only on your satisfactory service and performance of the work assigned to you, but more importantly, on you successfully meeting the strict Company standards for regularization as provided for in your Probationary Employment Agreement. The stringent standards and selection process set by the company is necessary considering the number of persons competing for the position given to you.

After a thorough observation and evaluation of your performance during the probationary period, it has been decided by the management not to continue your employment with the company at this time nor convert your status to a regular employee. While your performance has been admirable in some respects, it has unfortunately fallen short of the stringent requirements and standards set by the company for conversion into a regular employee taking into account the very competitive nature of the selection process.

As such, please be informed that the company will no longer extend your contract of employment after the expiration of your six (6) month probation period.Kindly surrender all company property, records, identification, etc. given to you or which are presently in your custody or possession prior to such termination date. However, considering your admirable service, we are please to inform you that should you wish to apply for other available positions in the company in the future, you are more than welcome to do so and your past “performance evaluation” will not in any way be taken against you.

Again, we would like to thank you for your service to the company and wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Very truly yours,

Name of Company

By: General Manager

Received by:

Date: ___________

Notice of Dismissal of Employee


To__Name of Employee__



After a thorough investigation and examination of all the evidences, evaluations and reports submitted and on hand, including your letter of explanation dated _____________, you are found guilty of the committing the following acts:

(List of Grounds for Dismissal and Findings)

The foregoing acts constitute (serious misconduct / willful disobedience / gross and habitual neglect of duties / fraud / willful breach of trust / crime against the person of the employer or co-employee / gross disregard of company rules and regulations).As you are very well aware, this is not the first time that you have committed the same violation.Despite repeated warnings however, you have not heeded the same notwithstanding the fact that you were expressly warned in a memo to you dated _____________ that a repeat of the violation will necessitate your dismissal.Such __ground for dismissal__ cannot be condoned as it is inimical to company discipline and sets a bad example to others.

As such, we regret to inform you that your employment with the company is hereby deemed terminated effective immediately upon receipt of this notice.

Very truly yours,

General Manager

Received by:


Date: ____________

Notice of Pre Emptive Rights




Dear Valued Stockholder:

Please be informed that in connection with the application of the corporation to amend its Articles of Incorporation increasing its authorized capital stock from ______________ PESOS to _____________ PESOS – common shares (which amendment was approved by the stockholders representing more than 2/3 of the outstanding capital stock at the annual stockholders’ meeting and unanimously approved by the Board of Directors in the Board meeting, both held _____________), you may now exercise your pre-emptive rights to subscribe to the increase in the authorized capital stock in proportion to your present shareholding.

Considering that the corporation needs to process the increase as soon as possible in line with its expansion programs for this year, you are hereby given ten (10) days from receipt of this NOTICE within which to exercise your pre-emptive rights, otherwise you will be deemed to have waived the same.

_____________, Philippines

Very truly yours,

Corporate Secretary

Noted by: