Notice of Pre Emptive Rights




Dear Valued Stockholder:

Please be informed that in connection with the application of the corporation to amend its Articles of Incorporation increasing its authorized capital stock from ______________ PESOS to _____________ PESOS – common shares (which amendment was approved by the stockholders representing more than 2/3 of the outstanding capital stock at the annual stockholders’ meeting and unanimously approved by the Board of Directors in the Board meeting, both held _____________), you may now exercise your pre-emptive rights to subscribe to the increase in the authorized capital stock in proportion to your present shareholding.

Considering that the corporation needs to process the increase as soon as possible in line with its expansion programs for this year, you are hereby given ten (10) days from receipt of this NOTICE within which to exercise your pre-emptive rights, otherwise you will be deemed to have waived the same.

_____________, Philippines

Very truly yours,

Corporate Secretary

Noted by: