Waiver of Pre Emptive Rights

WAIVER OF PRE-EMPTIVE RIGHTS I, the undersigned stockholder of __Name of Corporation__, do hereby waive my pre-emptive rights to subscribe to the increase in the authorized capital stock of the said corporation __________________________ (________) Pesos to __________________________ (________) Pesos. _____________, Philippines. _______ day of _____________, 20___. STOCKHOLDER

WAIVER Release and Quitclaim Vehicular Accident

DEED OF RELEASE, WAIVER AND QUITCLAIM We, the spouses _____________ and _____________, both of legal ages, Filipinos, and residents of _____________, Philippines, hereby DECLARE AND MANIFEST: That for and in consideration of the amount of _____________ (P_____________) in cash, in hand received by us to our full and complete satisfaction,…

Waiver of Banks Liability for Accepting Second Endorsed Checks

Republic of the Philippines) Province of ____________________)S.S. City/Municipality of _____________) x – – – – – – – – – – – – – x WAIVER OF LIABILITY We, spouses _____________ and _____________, both of legal ages, Filipinos and residents of _____________, Philippines, after being duly sworn to in accordance…