Waiver of Banks Liability for Accepting Second Endorsed Checks

Republic of the Philippines)
Province of ____________________)S.S.
City/Municipality of _____________)
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We, spouses _____________ and _____________, both of legal ages, Filipinos and residents of _____________, Philippines, after being duly sworn to in accordance with law, hereby depose and say:

1.That we are maintaining a Joint Account with the _____________ Bank, _____________ Branch, located at _____________, Philippines;

2.That we intend to deposit in our account in the said bank second endorsed checks which we request the Bank to honor and accept for deposit without the need of a notarized power of attorney;

3.That, by these presents, we hereby hold the said Bank free and harmless from any and all liability or cause of action arising from the encashment or deposit of the above-mentioned second endorsed checks;

4.That we further authorize the said Bank to automatically debit our account without prior notice should any second endorsed check which may have already been credited to our account be returned or dishonored and that in case the balance in our account be insufficient to cover the said returned or dishonored check, then we shall pay the Bank on demand.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this _____________, at _____________, Philippines.