Affidavit of Parental Consent to Marriage

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Family Law of the Philippines

Art. 15. Any contracting party between the age of twenty-one and twenty-five shall be obliged to ask their parents or guardian for advice upon the intended marriage. If they do not obtain such advice, or if it is unfavorable, the marriage license shall not be issued till after three months following the completion of the publication of the application therefor. A sworn statement by the contracting parties to the effect that such advice has been sought, together with the written advice given, if any, shall be attached to the application for a marriage license. Should the parents or guardian refuse to give any advice, this fact shall be stated in the sworn statement. 

To use this sample form, simply fill out the blank spaces and edit the document with the relevant information, print it out, and sign below.

I/WE, ________________________ of legal age, Filipino citizen/s, single/married/widow and presently residing at _______________________________, after having been duly sworn to in accordance with the law, depose and state THAT:

1. I am/we are the mother/father/parents of ______________________ born in ______________________ on ________________;

2. My/Our child is intending to contract marriage with ____________________ in ______________________;

3. I am/we are giving my/our consent to my/our child, ___________________, marrying said ________________;

4. I am/we are executing this Affidavit for the purpose of informing the authorities concerned of the veracity of the foregoing facts and for whatever legal purposes it may serve.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I/we hereby affixed my/our signature/s this day of ___________________ in _______________, Philippines.

___________________________ ___________________________
Affiant Affiant

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