Cancellation of Real Estate Deed of Sale

Cancellation of Real Estate Deed of Sale Philippines

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Petition to cancel a real estate deed of sale which is a part of an estate and may be fake or forged to allow the rightful heirs to enjoy their inheritance.

Petition to Remove Cloud upon a Title

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COMES NOW, petitioner ________________________________ through counsel, unto this Honorable Court, respectfully alleges:

  1. That he is the special administrator of the estate of ______________, deceased;
  2. That the deceased, during his lifetime, executed a certain deed of sale of a piece of real estate in favor of the respondent, dated ___________, and particularly described as follows, to wit: ___________________________________ ;
  3. That the said sale is forged and fictitious and is therefore in truth and in fact invalid;
  4. That the existence of the said alleged deed of sale is prejudicial to the title of the lawful heirs of the deceased upon the above-described real property;
  5. That equity demands that the said deed of sale be surrendered and canceled, as it is a cloud upon the title of the deceased and his lawful heirs.

    WHEREFORE, it is respectfully prayed that:
  1. ______________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________

    Other just and equitable reliefs are likewise prayed for.

Respectfully submitted.

___________________ 20___

City of _____________ .

Counsel for the Petitioner

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