Certificate of Employment

template Certificate of Employment (COE) for the Philippines

Content of a Certificate of Employment

A “Certificate of Employment” (COE) is a document issued by an employer indicating a current or former employee’s term of employment (start and end date), and the position/s held. Upon the employee’s request, the certificate may also include his current compensation.

DOLE’s Definition: a COE refers to “a certificate from the employer specifying the dates of an employee’s engagement and the termination of his/her employment and the type or types of work in which he/she is employed. For purposes of this advisory, an employee whose employment is not yet terminated may also ask for a Certificate of Employment.” (Section 1, DOLE Labor Advisory No. 06, Series of 2020, hereinafter “LA 06-20”)

Issuance of Certificate of Employment

The employer shall issue a certificate of employment within three days from the time of request by the employee. (Article III, Ibid.)

Employees of any status whether part-time or full-time, probationary, contractual, seasonal, fixed term, or regular employee may request a certificate of employment.

COE What It Is Not

A COE is not a company clearance or an endorsement by an employer, it will only state that an employee worked from (date) to (date).

Why Ask for a COE

Usual reasons to ask for a COE:

1. Applying for a new job
2. Mortgage, Loan, or credit card application
3. International travel and visa application

Sample Template Certificate of Employment and Compensation


______ (Date)

This is to certify that ________________________ is an employee of _, since __________ and presently holding the position of _______________.

This certification is issued to Mr./Ms. __ upon his/her request for whatever legal purposes it may serve.

I affirm that I am the authorized signatory to this certification, and further, that the foregoing is true and correct.

Signature Over Printed Name
Position: ______________________________

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