Employment Contract Security Guard





Dear Employee:

__Name of Security Agency__, hereinafter referred to as the “Agency” hereby engages your services as a SECURITY GUARD to serve and to perform such duties at such times and places and in such manner as the Agency may from time to time direct. For your services, you shall receive a compensation which shall be computed based on the contract rate with the client to which you will be assigned.

You are hereby hired for a period of ________ (_____) months starting on _____________ renewable at the instance of the Agency depending on your performance. However, the Agency does not warrant that you will have an assignment during the whole period of this contract as the continuity of your assignments shall be subject to the availability of clients that would engage our services. During the period that you are without an assignment, you will be considered temporarily laid without pay, but you shall remain on call to fill up new assignments that the Agency may get from time to time.

You will not have a fixed or definite area of assignment or place of work and you agree to be transferred and/or to accept any assignment to any location, if and when so requested by the Agency as may be dictated by business exigencies.

You are required to strictly comply with all the rules, regulations and policies of the Agency and its client where you will be assigned, including but not limited to those governing order and discipline, honesty, safety and security, working hours, work assignments and standard operating procedures, uniform, use of Agency properties and access to matters of confidentiality, and such other rules deemed necessary in the conduct of the Agency business.

You agree that all record, documents or information pertaining to the business or affairs of the Agency or its clients where you will be assigned are absolutely confidential and the unauthorized disclosure or reproduction of the same will not be made by you at any time during or after your employment. You agree that any breach of confidentiality will constitute sufficient ground for immediate termination of your employment for cause and/or civil and criminal liability.

You likewise agree that any problem that you will encounter during your assignment with a particular client should first be taken up with the Agency and must not in any way be discussed with the client where you are assigned or decided or acted upon on your own.

You understand that your engagement as a Security Guard depends upon the continued trust and confidence of the Agency and its clients on your person, integrity and trustworthiness. As such, the Agency may terminate your services at anytime, even prior to the expiration of this Contract, for any of the just or authorized causes provided by existing law, breach of trust, for unsatisfactory performance, or for any violation of the of the rules, regulations or policies of the Agency or the client where you are assigned. The Agency likewise reserves the right to terminate your employment in case of termination or expiration of the contract of the Agency with the client where you are assigned.

In case you intend to resign from the Agency, you are required to submit a thirty (30) day written notice prior to the effectively of such resignation, otherwise, failure on your part to do so will render you liable for damages. However, it is within the sole discretion of the Agency whether or not to accept such resignation earlier than the expiration of said period.

If you agree with the above terms and conditions of your employment with the Agency, please indicate your conformity by signing on the space provided below for this purpose and this shall constitute the Document of our Agreement.

Very truly yours,

Name of Security Agency

By: General Manager

I HEREBY CERTIFY that I have read and have fully understood the foregoing terms and conditions of my employment with the Agency and that I accept the same completely.