Information for Swindling Estafa


The undersigned, _____________, accuses _____________ of the crime of SWINDLING / ESTAFA, committed as follows, to wit:

That on or about _____________, at about _________ (a.m./p.m.), in the City/Municipality of _____________, Province of _____________ and within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, the said accused having received from _____________ a variety of Ready-to-Wear goods valued at P_____________ for the purpose of selling the same on commission, under the express obligation of holding the same in trust for _____________ and to remit the proceeds of the sale of the said goods, if sold, or to return the same in case of non-sale, within ________ (____) days from receipt thereof, the said accused did then and there, willfully, unlawfully, and feloniously, misappropriate and convert the said goods or their proceeds to his own personal use and benefit to the damage and prejudice of _____________ in the amount of P_____________.

Contrary to law.

_____________, Philippines, __Date__.




(Certification of Preliminary Investigation)