Joint Affidavit of Correction of Name Two Disinterested Person

WE, __________ and _________ both of legal ages, Filipino and with residence addresses at __________ and _________, respectively, after having been jointly sworn to in accordance with law do hereby depose and state, that:

  1. We personally  know  the  person  of                                               who  was  born  on                                    at                                                                                ;
  2. It was discovered lately that his/her NAME / MIDDLE NAME / FAMILY NAME / DATE OF BIRTH /PLACE OF BIRTH,                           , was               erroneously entered as                                                    in his/her                                                 (document);
  3. The true  and  correct  NAME  /  MIDDLE  NAME  /  FAMILY  NAME  /  DATE  OF BIRTH/PLACE OF BIRTH is/are _____________  ;
  4.                                                 and                                              refer to one and the same person;
  5. That we are executing this affidavit to attest to the foregoing narration of facts and for whatever legal purposes and intents this may serve.IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, WE have hereunto affixed our signatures this ________  day of ___________ at                                           , Philippines.

    Affiant                                                                   Affiant