A Legal Letter may contain the following:

​​​Date a​​nd​​ addresses
​​​This part has the details of the law firm (or your details) sending the letter, including their reference number and the date. It also has the details of the addressee (the person receiving the letter). The sender’s name and address would come first.

This is the heading. It states who the parties are and provides the case details. If there is a court and court case number, it would be included here.​​

In this section, the writer may refer to a previous letter or document. If there is no previous document, the writer might refer to the event or incident that led to the need for the letter.

Reason for w​​​​riting
This section usually sets out what the other party is asking you to do or is arguing you owe or are responsible for. It also tells you what action they intend to take.​

This section has the signature of the lawyer (or your signature) from the law firm that has written the letter.​