Authority to Examine Bank Account

The Honorable Commissioner
Securities and Exchange Commission
SEC Building, EDSA
Greenhills, Mandaluyong
Metro Manila


This is to authorize your office to examine and verify the deposit in the __Name of Bank__ (_____________ Branch) in my name as Treasurer-in-Trust for __Name of Corporation__, INC. in the amount of __________________________ (P_____________) representing the paid-up capital of the said corporation which is in process of incorporation.

This authority is valid and inspection of said deposit may be made even after the issuance of certificate of incorporation to the company.

Should the deposit be transferred to another bank prior to or after incorporation, this letter will also serve as authority to verify and examine the same.

The representative of the Securities and Exchange Commission is also authorized to examine the pertinent books and records of accounts of the corporation as well as supporting papers to determine the utilization and disbursement of the said paid-up capital.

Name of Corporation__, INC.