Declaration of Employer and Counsel as to Genuineness of Appeal Bond

(Declaration of Employer and Counsel as to
Genuineness of Appeal Bond)


Republic of the Philippines)
Province of_________________)S.S.
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We,__________and ATTY.___________, both Filipinos, of legal age, and residents of_____________, Philippines, having been duly sworn in accordance with law, hereby depose and state:


That Declarant __________, in his personal capacity and as General Manager of ____________Corporation, is one of the Respondents in RAB Case No.____________ entitled ____________, Complainant, versus____________, Respondents.


That on ___________, Declarant_____________ received a the Decision of the Honorable Labor Arbiter, dated ____________, ordering the Declarant to pay a total amount of____________.


That Declarant____________would appeal the said decision to the National Labor Relations Commission and that for this purpose he is posting an Appeal Bond {Surety Bond No.___________} executed by ___________Surety & Insurance, satisfy the aforementioned judgment, if and when the said case prosper in favor of the Complainant, or if said appeal is not considered.The said bond has been ratified before Notary Public____________and was entered in his Notarial Register as Doc. No. ______; Page No._____; Book No.______; Series of ______;


That for purposes of appeal, ATTY.____________, would act as counsel for Declarant____________and____________Corporation.


That we____________and Atty._____________)hereby jointly declare that the above-mentioned Appeal Bond is Genuine and will be in effect until the final disposition of the aforementioned case.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto set our hands this____________, at Philippines.


Respondent – Appellant Counsel for Respondent – Appellant