Employee Resignation Letter

Employee Resignation Letter free template

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The Labor Code of the Philippines mandates a 30-day notice period to the employer.

ART. 300. [285] Termination by Employee. – (a) An employee may terminate without just cause the employee-employer relationship by serving a written notice on the employer at least one (1) month in advance.

The employer upon whom no such notice was served may hold the employee liable for damages.

Resignation Letter Sample

Dear Mr. (Superior’s name),

I, (name) from the (department/team).

I am informing you that I am resigning from my position as (Position).

I am tendering my resignation because _____.
(Possible reasons)
“I decided to go back to school and further my studies”
“I am leaving because I want to make a career change and explore another new industry/environment”
“I need to leave because of personal circumstances”

I intend to comply with the legally mandated turnover period. My last day will be 30 days later, or on (date 30 days later from submission of this letter). If you wish to waive this turnover period, kindly notify me so I can adjust accordingly.

I appreciate the exposure to many opportunities for growth and skills development you have provided during my time with the company. Thank you for your guidance and support.

Please be reassured that I will assist you with the transition of my job and responsibilities. Do let me know if there is any other help I can offer to make this a smooth process. I wish you and the company the very best moving forward.


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