Notice of Dismissal of Employee


To__Name of Employee__



After a thorough investigation and examination of all the evidences, evaluations and reports submitted and on hand, including your letter of explanation dated _____________, you are found guilty of the committing the following acts:

(List of Grounds for Dismissal and Findings)

The foregoing acts constitute (serious misconduct / willful disobedience / gross and habitual neglect of duties / fraud / willful breach of trust / crime against the person of the employer or co-employee / gross disregard of company rules and regulations).As you are very well aware, this is not the first time that you have committed the same violation.Despite repeated warnings however, you have not heeded the same notwithstanding the fact that you were expressly warned in a memo to you dated _____________ that a repeat of the violation will necessitate your dismissal.Such __ground for dismissal__ cannot be condoned as it is inimical to company discipline and sets a bad example to others.

As such, we regret to inform you that your employment with the company is hereby deemed terminated effective immediately upon receipt of this notice.

Very truly yours,

General Manager

Received by:


Date: ____________